James Novello

Personal Coach

San Francisco, California

About James Novello

James Novello was a firefighter paramedic in San Francisco for over a decade, responding to over 25,000 incidents. He has learned a great deal helping others in peer support while in the fire department, and it was this work that eventually led him to his new career as a life and resiliency coach.

James Novello

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James Novello Shares the Importance of Mindfulness for Overall Well-being

Many people are negatively influenced by the stresses of everyday life. While some have an innate ability to manage stress, others have never learned or were never taught the proper ways to achieve overall well-being.

ideamensch Interviews James Novello, a personal coach from San Francisco

James Novello started his career as a firefighter for a small town department while going to college and became an SFFD paramedic firefighter after he graduated. James served for many years and responded to more than 25,000 emergency incidents.

James Novello is the Subject of a New Interview

James is asked what he loves most about being a life and resiliency coach. "I love to see positive changes in people. Having overcome some significant obstacles myself, I know how to get people to where they need to be," he replies.

James Novello Shares the Top Online Resources for First Responders

Stresses include traumatic exposures to death and dismemberment as well as being assaulted by patients, sometimes severely. These traumatic events will take will their toll on anyone, but some are more equipped to handle them.

James Novello Shares the Top Six Ways that Paramedics and First Responders Can Achieve Work-Life Balance

Paramedics and first responders have uniquely stressful jobs. They are on call to respond rapidly to unfolding crises, and they frequently witness scenes of violence and injury.

James Novello Launches Blog

The San Francisco-based life and resiliency coach is excited to debut a new web-based journal from which he will communicate his ideas and experiences to the world.

James Novello